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Calgary Stump Removal and Grinding

Calgary Stump Removal and Grinding

Do you have an unsightly stump on your property that you would like to get rid of? We offer complete stump removal service.

Why remove a stump?

Here are some of the main reasons why people remove stumps from their property:

Why not to pull out tree stumps?

Many people believe that they can remove the tree stump by connecting it to their truck and then just yanking it out. This can work but there are hazards which make it not recommended. First, most trees have extensive root systems so the only thing you will manage to do with your vehicle is break the chain or harm the truck. Let's say you do get quite a bit of leverage and it starts to work. Do you know how far the roots go? Are the roots intertwined with other root systems? Or worse, are you sure that the roots are nowhere near any utility lines?

For these reasons we recommend that you hire a professional stump removal service. It is the safe and easy way to remove the remains of a tree.